The Sons of Húrin by JRR Tolkien


The Children of Húrin” is an epic and standalone work, although embedded in the vast mythology of Middle Earth created by J.R.R. Tolkien. This is one of the three “Great Tales” of Tolkien’s Middle Earth legend, along with “Beren and Lúthien” and “The Fall of Gondolin”. Published posthumously by Tolkien’s son, Christopher, in 2007, the story unfolds thousands of years before the events of “The Lord of the Rings”. It follows the tragic story of the house of Húrin, particularly his children, Túrin and Nienor, whose lives are overshadowed by a ruthless curse imposed by Morgoth, the first Dark Lord.


The Children of Húrin” may surprise readers who are familiar with the relatively lighter adventures of “The Hobbit or the high deeds of “The Lord of the Rings“. Unlike these, “The Children of Húrin” presents a bleak and desolate narrative that delves into human suffering and inevitable tragedy. It tells a story imbued with despair and misfortune, offering a dark counterpoint to the hopes and struggles of characters in other Tolkien stories. The story of Túrin and Nienor unfolds with a palpable sense of inescapable destiny, echoing classical Greek tragedies with its relentless pessimism.


The story of “The Children of Húrin” begins with Húrin, a brave man who defies Morgoth and is captured by him. In retaliation, Morgoth curses Húrin to helplessly watch his family suffer under the weight of his wrath. Morgoth’s curse especially haunts the children of Húrin, Túrin and Nienor. Túrin, who grows up oblivious to the curse, becomes a brave warrior but his life is filled with misfortune and calamity. His sister, Nienor’s life is also affected by the curse and both siblings suffer a series of tragic events, from exile and loss to despair and oblivion.


Túrin Turambar

Húrin’s son, Túrin is a tragic character who, despite his prowess as a warrior and his bravery, can’t escape the curse Morgoth has cast on his family. His life is filled with hardships, losses, and tragedies.

Niënor Níniel

Niënor, Túrin’s sister, also suffers the effects of Morgoth’s curse. Her life and fate are intrinsically tied to her brother’s, leading to a tragic and devastating end.


Húrin is a mighty warrior and the father of Túrin and Niënor. His defiance of Morgoth triggers the curse that afflicts his family, and his helplessness to prevent or alleviate their suffering is a crucial part of his torment.


Morgoth is the main antagonist of the story. He is the first and most powerful of the Dark Lords in Tolkien’s mythology. His curse upon Húrin’s house is the driving force behind the tragic events of the story.


The Children of Húrin” is a powerful and dark tale that highlights the pain, tragedy, and despair inherent in the human condition. Through Morgoth’s curse and the suffering of Húrin and his family, Tolkien explores the concept of fatalism, predestination, and the struggle for dignity and honorability amidst the most unimaginable adversity.

The story also delves into the concept of tragic heroism and how bravery and determination can persist even in the face of the most inescapable destiny. Although the story is deeply tragic, it is also a testament to human resilience and courage.

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Opinions about the book

(March 24, 2023, Sophia Mitchell) – “A striking contrast with other works of Tolkien. The story is dark and moving, presenting a more tragic and despairing vision of Middle Earth. It shows that not all stories have a happy ending, but that doesn’t take away from their beauty or importance.”

(May 12, 2023, Grace Turner) – “‘The Children of Húrin’ is an intense and emotive story. It kept me captivated from beginning to end, and although the plot is heartbreaking, it is also a powerful demonstration of Tolkien’s narrative talent.”

(June 2, 2023, Daniel Carte) – “The story of Túrin and Niënor is beautifully written, but sad and heartbreaking. The way Tolkien portrays their suffering and struggle against inevitable fate is gut-wrenching and left me thinking about the story long after I closed the book.”

(July 9, 2023,Amelia Evans) – “For lovers of Middle Earth, ‘The Children of Húrin’ is a hidden gem. This work offers a welcome contrast to Tolkien’s more optimistic stories while deepening his ability to create memorable and emotionally resonant characters.”