The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien


The Hobbit” is a fantasy novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien and first published in 1937. The book serves as a prelude to Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and introduces many of the characters and locations that play significant roles in the later works. The book follows the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who lives a comfortable, adventure-free life in the Shire until he is dragged into a quest to reclaim a stolen treasure by the wizard Gandalf and a group of dwarves.


Unlike “The Lord of the Rings“, which is a high fantasy epic intended for adult readers, “The Hobbit” was originally written for children, although its appeal extends to readers of all ages. The book presents a more straightforward and simplistic narrative, with a lighter tone and a greater emphasis on adventure and exploration. Though there are moments of danger and darkness, there is also plenty of humor, joy, and wonder.


The Hobbit” begins with Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit who enjoys a quiet, routine life. This changes when Gandalf the Grey and a group of thirteen dwarves barge into his home and convince him to become their burglar and accompany them on a mission to reclaim their treasure from the dragon Smaug. Along their journey, Bilbo and his companions face numerous challenges, including goblins, wargs, giant spiders, and wood-elves. Bilbo also comes across a mysterious golden ring that has the power to make him invisible, an item that takes on crucial importance in “The Lord of the Rings“.


Bilbo Baggins

The protagonist of the story, a hobbit who prefers the comforts of home until he embarks on an adventure that forces him to overcome his homebody nature and discover his bravery and cunning.

Gandalf the Grey

A wise and powerful wizard who organizes the treasure quest and often aids Bilbo and the dwarves in their times of greatest need.

Thorin Oakenshield

The leader of the dwarves on the quest, who seeks to reclaim his people’s treasure and the Lonely Mountain from Smaug.


The dragon who has taken the Lonely Mountain and its treasure. He is intelligent, powerful, and greedy.


The Hobbit” combines adventure with an exploration of growth and self-discovery. Through his experiences, Bilbo transforms from a timid, homebound hobbit into an unexpected hero. Tolkien uses Bilbo’s journey to explore themes such as bravery, friendship, and wisdom. Though the book was written for children, it provides a thrilling and meaningful narrative for readers of all ages.

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Opinions about the book

(March 15, 2023, Julia Rodriguez) – “The Hobbit is a magical adventure full of wonder and excitement. It was a joy to see Bilbo grow and change throughout his journey. Definitely a classic that everyone should read.”

(April 28, 2023, Carlos Martinez) – “As a Tolkien fan, I always come back to ‘The Hobbit’. I love its cheerful tone and sense of adventure. The way it introduces Middle Earth is simply magnificent.”

(June 16, 2023, Marta Perez) – “What I like most about ‘The Hobbit’ is its accessibility. While I love ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘The Hobbit’ is lighter and easier to read, but no less enchanting or interesting. I recommend this book to anyone, no matter their age.”

(July 8, 2023, Jose Sanchez) – “‘The Hobbit’ was my introduction to fantasy literature and will always hold a special place in my heart. Bilbo Baggins is a great protagonist, his transformation from a comfortable bourgeois to a brave adventurer is truly inspiring.”