Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie


Murder on the Orient Express” is one of the most iconic works of renowned British author Agatha Christie, first published in 1934. This unforgettable mystery story follows Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective created by Christie, as he solves an intriguing murder aboard the famous passenger train.


Murder on the Orient Express” is a true triumph of mystery literature. The meticulous construction of the mystery, the brilliant handling of clues, and the unexpected ending are elements that make this book a masterpiece of its genre. Christie once again demonstrates her ability to create a captivating enigma, keeping readers in suspense until the last moment.


The story begins when Poirot boards the Orient Express, expecting a peaceful journey back to London. However, his plans dramatically change when one of the passengers, wealthy American businessman Ratchett, is murdered in his cabin. Ratchett, fearing for his life, had tried to hire Poirot as his bodyguard the night before, but Poirot had refused. Now, he finds himself in the middle of a mysterious murder case, with a train full of suspects and a snowstorm that has halted the Orient Express on its tracks.


Hercule Poirot:

The famous Belgian detective, known for his intuition and meticulous approach to details.


The wealthy American businessman who is murdered in his cabin.

Orient Express Passengers:

The train is full of interesting and unique characters, each with their own story and possible motives for wanting Ratchett dead.


Murder on the Orient Express” is a perfect example of Agatha Christie’s ability to weave a complex and exciting mystery. The book stands out for its nearly perfect structure, with an intriguing beginning, a development that delves into each of the characters, and a surprising ending that puts all the pieces in place.

Christie masterfully uses closed spaces, creating an atmosphere of claustrophobia and tension. The only escape route is the solution to the mystery, which is gradually revealed, keeping readers in constant suspense.

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Book Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Oopinions about the book

Maria Fernandez Date: (March 20, 2023) We completely agree, Maria. Agatha Christie’s ability to create suspense and mystery is unparalleled, making her works a must-read for all.”

Juan Carlos Perez: (May 2, 2023 “Thank you for your comment, Juan Carlos. It’s always exciting to see a reader captivated by the unfolding mystery. Christie indeed has a knack for keeping us guessing till the end!”

Laura Morales: (May 10, 2023) “Indeed, Laura. The unexpected ending is a testament to Christie’s storytelling prowess. It’s one of the reasons why her works stand the test of time.”

Daniel Rodriguez: (May 25, 2023) “Thank you for your insights, Daniel. Poirot’s brilliance is a beacon of light in the midst of the suspense and mystery, making the journey all the more engaging.”

Gabriela Sanchez: May 30, 2023 “Absolutely, Gabriela! Christie’s mastery over the mystery genre is undisputed, and ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ is a prime example of her skill. We’re glad you enjoyed it!”

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