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Confort Woman, a voice for women silenced by violence – Giuseppe Cafiero

The film begins with a clear reference to the Marquis de Sade, analyzing a sadism innate to the power he uses to corrupt and torture. The woman is the main victim of this limitless evil.

The Guardian, the main protagonist of COMFORT WOMAN, is in charge of giving voice to this discourse. The screenplay of this film is the work of Giuseppe Cafiero, an Italian writer expert in the genre of Biofiction The Guardian finds, and reads, some fragments of Sade. In them, the French essayist and philosopher affirms that it is possible to live by exercising violence, annulling common sense, practicing gender racism.

Whoever does so, according to Sade, will obtain immense pleasure. In the course of the plot, The Guardian will have to face a woman determined to visit the refuge of her memory. Her purpose? to discover the ghosts that wrote the history of infamy against women. She acts in this way to meet some of those ghosts.

The co-protagonist strongly challenges the idea that violence is a natural phenomenon. She does so by showing photographs depicting various scenes of violence suffered by women. These images put faces to the ghosts of massacres perpetrated on women. Memory and shadows of the past These two themes are at the core of COMFORT WOMAN.

The manifestation of both ideas takes on a special manifestation when The Guardian, dressed as a modern-day priest, gives voice to the various skeletons of his memory. It is a verbal and peremptory duel with the woman in which the weapons are quotations taken from the Divine Comedy and the Bible.

As the film progresses, the viewer feels confronted with a terrible daily reality, in which men’s violence against women is a widely practiced custom, as evidenced by the dramatic femicides of which the media, digital networks and people close to us inform us every day.

Ánima Joyce – Giuseppe Cafiero

During her stay in the hospice, and while being treated by the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung, Lucia Joyce is seduced, beaten and raped by The Sick Man.

As if it were a nightmare, throughout the play there will be crossroads between Lucia Joyce and her father, James Joyce. And also with relatives, writers and critics of the time.

The clearest consequence of the encounters between James Joyce and his daughter will be that the author of Ulysses will be put in check. This means that his role as an artist in society, his moral and political positions and contradictions, and even his literary productions are called into question.

Ánima Joyce has what can be called a new character. This will be the one who will be the narrator in off, interpell, question, support or contradict everything that is said and done in each of the appearances of the rest of the authors of the cast.

As for the scenic presentation of Ánima Joyce, the play is presented in a fragmented, arbitrary way, without continuity in the image and likeness of how dreams and nightmares happen.

You can see a brief excerpt of the play by clicking on this link:

Scene from Ánima Joyce

 Length of the play

105 minutes

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