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book Hopscotch by Julio Cortázar


Hopscotch” is a high-caliber literary work penned by the talented Argentine author, Julio Cortázar. First published in 1963, it is a literary tour de force of non-linear and experimental narrative. The novel is known for its unique and groundbreaking layout, which allows the reader to choose the order of the chapters, known as a “counter-novel“. This structure challenges the conventions of storytelling and the structure of the novel and experiments with an eclectic mix of literary genres, languages, and disciplines, including philosophy, music, and literature.


Hopscotch“, considered Julio Cortázar’s magnum opus and a cornerstone of Latin American Boom literature, is a transformative piece of literature. Set in the vibrant cities of Paris and Buenos Aires, the novel follows the enigmatic life of Horacio Oliveira, an Argentine intellectual who moves in bohemian circles and delves into deep existential pondering. Oliveira’s relationship with the mysterious La Maga, a single Uruguayan mother, provides a window into his internal conflicts and struggle to find the meaning of life.


Hopscotch” takes us on a journey through the mind of Horacio Oliveira, a bohemian intellectual who grapples between reason and emotion in his quest for truth. After the loss of La Maga in Paris, Oliveira is pushed into a spiral of introspection that leads him back to Buenos Aires. There, he begins to explore different philosophical perspectives and undergoes a series of existential transformations that challenge his perception of reality. Amid it all, Oliveira finds himself trapped in a constant struggle between reality and surrealism, reason and emotion, order and chaos.


Horacio Oliveira

The protagonist of the novel, he is an Argentine intellectual in Paris who grapples between reality and fiction, love and heartbreak, reason and emotion. Through him, Cortázar explores themes of identity, alienation, and the search for meaning.

La Maga

Oliveira’s love interest, is a single Uruguayan mother living in Paris. Her character represents a more intuitive, emotional, and magical view of life, in contrast to Oliveira’s more rational and existential perspective.


La Maga’s son, although a secondary character, his presence has a significant impact on the main characters and the development of the plot.

The Serpent Club

A group of expatriate intellectuals in Paris who often gather to debate art, literature, philosophy, and life in general.


Hopscotch” is a deep exploration of subjectivity, reality, and the crisis of identity. Its fragmented and non-linear narrative style mirrors the complexities of the human mind, while its unique structure challenges literary conventions. Cortázar questions the reality as we perceive it, inviting the reader to become an active participant in the construction of the story. Additionally, the novel examines themes of love, loss, alienation, and the search for meaning in an ever-changing world.

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Opinions about the book

Olivia Johnson, 2023-01-15: “Hopscotch is a literary gem that compels you to think and perceive the world in new and exciting ways. Cortázar’s genius lies in his ability to challenge conventions and create a work that feels new with each reading.”

Ethan Thompson, 2023-02-12: “Hopscotch’s unique structure can be disconcerting at first, but once you immerse yourself in the story, you realize Cortázar’s genius. It’s a work that challenges and rewards you at every turn.”

Noah Davis, 2023-03-05: “Hopscotch is a challenging and unique work. It’s not an easy read, but the depth of its narrative and the brilliance of its structure make it an unforgettable piece. I recommend this novel to any

Liam Martinez, 2023-04-20: “Hopscotch is an introspective and reflective journey. Cortázar is a master at using language and his skill in blending reality and fiction is simply impressive.”