End of the Game by Julio Cortázar


Final del juego” (End of the Game) is a compilation of short stories by Argentine author Julio Cortázar, first published in 1956. The work consists of eighteen stories that move between the real and the fantastical, where everyday reality acquires unsettling and surreal hues. The stories are steeped in environments that are at times mysterious, at other times poetic, but always fascinating, where characters often find themselves trapped or transformed in inexplicable ways.


Julio Cortázar is known for his experimental audacity and narrative innovation. “End of the Game” is an exceptional example of this, where each story is a challenge to the reader, taking them through intricate mazes of identity, existence, and perception. Cortázar masterfully combines realism with fantastical elements, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that transcends the ordinary. With his impressive storytelling ability and his capacity to surprise and move, “End of the Game” stands as an essential work of modern short fiction.


“End of the Game” is a collection of varied short stories in theme and plot. Although each is unique, all share Cortázar’s ability to blend the ordinary with the extraordinary, creating rich and profound narrative experiences. From a girl watching the world through her apartment window to a couple confronting monotony with a strange ritual, each story offers an exploration of the human condition in its many forms.


Each story presents a unique set of characters, but all are characterized by their restlessness in the face of reality, their internal struggle, and their search for meaning. In the titular narrative, the three sisters, Leticia, Lucía, and the child, are notable characters that illustrate the transition from childlike innocence to the complexities of the adult world. Other stories highlight loneliness, failed relationships, and unexpected encounters.


“End of the Game” can be seen as an in-depth study of reality and perception. Through his writing, Cortázar dismantles reality as we know it, introducing surreal elements that challenge the reader’s perception. Through his stories, he presents a sharp critique of contemporary life, exploring themes of loneliness, love, loss, and despair with a unique voice. Cortázar’s mastery lies in his ability to immerse the reader in an altered universe, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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Opinions about the book

Lucía Martínez, March 18, 2023: “Each story in ‘End of the Game’ is a gem in itself. Cortázar transforms reality into something magical and challenging. His writing is simply amazing.”

Diego Soto, June 2, 2023: “What impressed me most about ‘End of the Game’ was how Cortázar managed to intertwine reality with the fantastic. Each story leaves you thinking and reflecting for days.”

Carla Herrera, April 29, 2023: “‘End of the Game’ is more than a book, it’s an experience. The way Cortázar explores humanity in all its forms and facets is simply brilliant.”

Juan Pérez, May 7, 2023: “Cortázar is a narrator like no other. ‘End of the Game’ is a showcase of his unique talent, capable of surprising and moving you from the first to the last page.”