Concha López Narváez’s Biography

Concha López Narváez's Biography


Concha López Narváez was a prominent Spanish writer, born in Madrid in 1936.

She began her literary career in the 1960s and was noted for her ability to create works for young and adult readers alike, across genres such as poetry, novels, short stories, and essays.


Throughout her career, López Narváez wrote numerous works across various genres. Here is a list of some of her most notable works:


  • “El perro de Don Juan”
  • “El reino de la luna”
  • “El amor no es un invento”
  • “El unicornio y otros cuentos”
  • “La pluma del ángel”

Short Stories:

  • “El unicornio y otros cuentos”
  • “Las llaves del reino”
  • “La casa de enfrente”


  • “Cantares y elegías”
  • “Dejadme en paz”
  • “Poemas de amor y desamor”


  • “La mujer en la historia de España”
  • “Diálogo sobre la mujer y el amor”
  • “La mujer: ¿realidad o mito?”

López Narváez’s works are known for their profound human values, such as solidarity, justice, and empathy.

She found inspiration in her personal experiences and Spanish history and culture. Her literature also reflects her clear advocacy for women’s rights and universal human values.

Personal Life

Concha López Narváez lived a vibrant life committed to culture and literature.

She was a prominent figure in the Spanish literary scene and actively participated in various cultural and social movements. She was married to the poet and writer Carlos Barral, with whom she had a daughter, Marina.


Concha López Narváez passed away in Madrid in 1999, at the age of 63. Her literary legacy remains relevant today, and she is considered one of the most important writers in contemporary Spanish literature.

In summary, Concha López Narváez was a Spanish writer who left a significant literary legacy, marked by her commitment to human values and women’s rights. Her works have been and continue to be a source of inspiration for many readers and writers.